good god, why am i making a parody of a timewaster from brockie's homepage? hell if i know, just means i'm cooler than you.

anyway! this is MY personal take on the "stupid!" page filled with my own stupid experiences! because i'm also a huge dumbass. warning; it's not like i'm gonna take time to pick out EVERY trigger in a phrase, so my apologies, but don't expect any trigger warnings, so take this as your only warning for anything that may make you uncomfortable!

i won't take time to put dates on these first ones that i'll use for starters, but i'll try to get something remotely close.

sometime back in mid-february 2021-brother finally trusts me with his schecter, as soon as i pick it up and he tells me not to hit it against anything, and i say i won't, i accidentally smack the headstock against the piano.

sometime back in late 2016 or early 2017.. i don't fuckin' know!-sat in a step-ladder while very dumbly leaning against it the wrong way, thinking nothing would happen. step-ladder closes, i almost lose both of my thumbs.

april-august of 2020-i start dating this chick that i'd known for a few months right after quarantine starts, we're absolutely fucking perfect of course until she starts being a toxic little bitch and ridiculing this one person just because of their ocs, like good god, give 'em a break and let them have fun. things kinda got out of hand so i left, she desperately misses me after i ignore her for a few months, and i try to VERY DUMBLY get with her when she's already with her new gf ( which didn't last long. ) question, why did i try going for something toxic again? i have no idea, anyways i ended up coming out of the closet a week after asking for her back lmao

i can't remember what month this was, but i know it was just back in 2020 ofc, right after my middle school graduation-i thought this girl in my homeschool group had a crush on me, turns out she was just scared of me because i used to listen to korn a lot YEARS before this, and she tried to be nice because she thought i was a psychopath. sorry, kristen.

november 2020!-making piss kink jokes, ends up developing said kink!

this shit lasted from november 2017-march 2020, from when my dad was with my ex-abusive stepmother until they split up-anyways, my ex-stepsister, izzabell was like, 10 when i first met her, i had just turned 12, she's ALWAYS acted wayyy older than she actually is. so i mouth off about her the entire time i know her calling her a whore and shit. she was also the one who pushed me a bit to cheat on my ex. fun. but still, i was more of a stupid asshole for trashing her around others so much, sorry izzy!

december 1-7 2020-i gave up on love,, and created a femboy harem. i wish i was joking. it was fucking stupid and i hated it. the only time i ever sent dick pics, never again, dude.

april 2018-cussed my ex-abusive stepmother out trying to prove that i'm not gay, though there was plenty of gay porn in my technological belongings. came out over 2 years later.

i can't remember if this was early 2020 or late 2019 but-try to drive four-wheeler through what i'm VERY aware is too tight of a space, but i'm stupid, of course! so i try to get it through there anyway, i'm stuck by myself in the woods for an hour trying to fix it until izzy comes through asking what the hell i'm doing.

october 2020-at the beach with the faggot crew, well, before we broke marissa off, but anyways, not really stupid but it wasn't a smart idea! buying a vape from two totally hot guys down there knowing damn good well they could've tampered with it, thankfully they didn't. but still, dangerous shit.

april 12 2021-gonna watch high school musical with ex-boyfriend, when we were still dating, via discord stream. he's already streaming it while i'm unaware that he is, because i'm stupid and i'm just rambling. i don't realize it until i look back over at my screen again, and say "wait you already started?" when he was already two minutes in,, welp.

april 13 2021-somehow fall out of bed onto my side, in mass amounts of pain.

may 1 2021-completely forget about this page! I GOTTA START UPDATING IT AGAIN-